Historical St. Michael's Church

Kirche St. Michael (www.rhoenbilder.de - Ostheim 049)

The 16th century brought Ostheim the Reformation. The community saw its cultural and economic heyday. In 1596 Ostheim was given city rights. As the number of inhabitants had doubled, the old church of 1410 had become too small and the citizens built a new one. At the heart of the fortification we find the Protestant city church St. Michael, built in 1615-1619, one of the first Lutheran churches with a central pulpit erected in central Germany in the aftermath of the Reformation.

The following fittings are of outstanding importan

  • The painted ceiling: God in his celestial throne according to Revelation 4 and 5.
  • The stone- pulpit : the 4 evangelists; The staircase is decorated with the design Schneuß, a rune with three/four feet.
    • The font (1619) shows biblical illustrations of baptism
    • The organ (1738): special sound
    • The double balcony: seats for more than thousand people;
    • the Baroque style nobility pew (1738)
    • The church pews show some rare carvings.
    • The grey tracery: around the windows in the southern wall (Christian symbols were arranged in: God’s love, faith and charity, as well as David and Goliath, Cain and Able).
    • An altar-like tableau: with parts of the former gothic altar; shows the story of Jesus Christ (southern wall).
    • Tomb slabs of different noblemen and –women (northern wall)



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